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Camp Harbor View changes lives and enhances Boston by exposing underserved youth to the possibilities of a future they may have never envisioned.


We provide unique experiences that let kids be kids, build confidence, unlock creativity, broaden horizons, and foster skills for successful lives. Our exceptional summer camp experience and year-long programming helps kids to envision new pathways to success by providing life shaping experiences at a critical time in their lives.


Camp Harbor View (CHV) serves 900 young adolescents from Boston’s at-risk neighborhoods through two four-week summer camp sessions on Long Island in the Boston Harbor, & offers programs to CHV youth & their families throughout the year. CHV is committed to enriching the lives of young adolescents through a combination of traditional summer camp activities, leadership development, & accessible social services. Since Camp Harbor View is entirely supported by private funding, we rely on the generous donations of people like you to stay operational. Here are examples of ways your contribution could make a difference:


$3,500 Sponsor a Camper – could provide one camper with the full four week Camp Harbor View experience.
$2,500 – could support LIT post-secondary education scholarship.
$1,000 – could provide a replacement sail for one of our Rhodes 19’ sailboats.
$500 – could provide five campers with three meals per day for an entire week.
$100 – could purchase supplies for creative arts activities.
$50 – could purchase a life jacket for our various aquatic sports.
$25 – could buy a yoga mat for our health and wellness activities.

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